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Weekly Video Forecast Week of December 2nd, ​ On Friday, the Aries Moon is in harmony with the Sagittarius Sun, bringing feelings of positivity and an urge for adventure.​ This FREE weekly horoscope is brought to you by Terence Guardino of #AstrologyAnswers.
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And consider buying a lottery ticket this weekend…your luck is in, Aries!

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And… breathe! The time has come for you to take five, Taurus. We get that you might not feel ready. And you might not know quite what to do with yourself once you stop running from task to task… but the time has come nonetheless. Sagittarius season has you craving privacy, time alone and intimate heart-to-hearts with your nearest and dearest. Passionate Mars has been trying to fast track a romantic situation since it entered your partnership zone on 19 November. Pay attention, Taurus. Look around you.

Dive in. Allow yourself to be adored. Ready to let your Out Of Office take the strain, Gemini? And one that should still be lighting your fire come New Year. Do take some time out from the love in to focus on your health at the weekend, though.

Daily Snapshots for June 17-23, 12222:

Feel good, look good, high vibes all round. Still swigging kombucha and hitting the gym like a festive season angel? Put your peer pressure blinkers on and keep up the good work, Cancer! Then watch and wait. The resulting high vibes will soon have the universe sending dreams come true your way. And if that dream involves making a romance official, coming clean to a crush or finally saying the L-word, this week might just be the time to do it.

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Earth calling Leo! Your party stamina is the stuff of legend, but even the king of the jungle needs to keep something in the tank for the main event. A night in, some clean living and time to reconnect with your loved ones remember them? Looking for love? Allow a romance some space to develop around 3 December and you might find yourself meeting your dancefloor match.

Hedonism can wait. Then indulge yourself! Sagittarius season might be shining a light on your domestic set up but there should be plenty of action beyond your front door this week.

Your Weekly Astrology Overview: August 12-18, 12222

Romantic revelations could stop you in your tracks around 3 December and renewed focus at work could see you springing into action on a project towards the end of this week. Everything that forces you to leave your nest this week will directly impact on your future happiness. Good times await as heads towards its closing party. Could it be time for you to go it alone at work, in life or in business?

The end of this week heralds the start of a transformative time for you. It might soon be time to step away from the status quo, own your story and make a brave leap into the unknown. Is that you, Capricorn?

All that yoga and meditation really has worked wonders! You tend to live life in fast-forward, Capricorn, especially where work is concerned. Take some time out to unplug this weekend if you can.

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Leave your phone at the office, turn every screen in your house to face the wall or escape to a cottage in the middle of nowhere. The next few weeks could be life changing for you, if you just take the time to work out what really makes you tick. Your house of friendship and networking is in firm focus right now and your energy is off the scale.

Weekly Horoscope March 14th, 2016 Astrology Answers

Now is a great time for you to step outside your comfort zone and see where it takes you, Aquarius. Where you lead, others will follow this week. Your party spirit is in full flow this season but watch who you leave behind in your wake. Now is not the time to neglect a relationship that matters to you. Wheels set in motion towards the end of last week could begin to take you off in a thrilling new direction this week.

Try not to freak out, Pisces!


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This is a nice change of pace after an intense week last week where Mercury went retrograde, Venus entered Sagittarius, and a New Moon arrived. This week we are working through some of the many changes that came into play or began trickling into our sphere as of last week. As the first full week of November opens up, we are looking ahead to seeing where those new beginnings can take us.

It helps this week to examine the new beginnings that we experienced last month and what changes they can lead us into for November. What new beginnings did you experience last month?

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Using numerology tools such as our Free Daily Numerology Reading can help. This week, we have change-maker Pluto making some noise in our every day. Pluto is the planet that helps us to tear down the walls that are standing in our way.

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This requires personal power to identify what those walls are, and how to tear them down in constructive and healthy ways. The unfortunate thing with Pluto is sometimes these opportunities of change present themselves, and we freak out and do nothing. The Fixed signs Scorpio , Leo , Taurus , and Aquarius , are the most susceptible to being resistant to change.

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With the Sun being in Fixed sign Scorpio right now, the climate from Universe is leading us all to be resistant to change. But the changes this week that Pluto is bringing will be favorable, and it is important to be willing and ready to embrace those changes. At the same time, these changes are going to lead to some intense and tiring days. Use divination tools and things such as chakra healing and meditation to help you find your happy place during intense moments this first full week of November.